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Boteco Mexicano 01


Before Boteco Mexicano was what it is now, it went through a first very colourful version. Welcome to another one of “what could have been!”

For those who don’t know, Boteco Mexicano unites the best of Brazilian and Mexican cuisine, on a trip through South America. The combination of these two countries is denounced by the name itself, but also by the informal decoration of the restaurant: the tables are very close together, there’s walls written in chalk and there’s even a mix of different objects, like images of saints and famous figures of both countries, like the football player Pelé and the artist Frida Kahlo.

We wanted this branding to be as colourful as possible and with a healthy mix of different types. This was mainly because the space design was going for chairs with these very same colours, so this would match that vibe. We also wanted the branding to reflect the idea of a slightly messy but home-like environment.

We showcased a few ideas of how the branding would unfold on the menus, using illustrations and always with contrasting fonts.

In the end, the space design changed, and, because of that the branding wasn’t a fit anymore.

If you are curious about the final branding, you can always click here!