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A Cooperativa


Before Ilegal was what it is now, it was called A Cooperativa. It was also a completely different concept. Here’s another round of our very own graveyard!

Even though it was a different name, the main concept was still the same: it took inspiration from street vendors’ tradition from around the world and sought to bring the street to the plate, without any quirks or formalisms and always with the intention of sharing.

At this stage, A Cooperativa was aiming to have a space design that would look like a grocery store, with the ingredients used in the menu out on the open. Because of this, the whole branding was based on the fruit stickers we are all so used to seeing.

To reinforce the idea of street vendor, the business cards resembles a receipt, making it look like the street vendor had no time to deal with design, opting for something already existing.

This concept was extended to every brand application — the wrapping paper resembled the stickers on meat packaging, and the menu was designed to be a notebook, therefore making clients write down their own orders.

In the end, A Cooperativa changed its name to Ilegal, and we still adapted quite a few of these designs to the new name. Care to see what it looks like now? Just click here.