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The Knitting Project

Kickstarter Campaign

Introducing The Knitting Project, the first community project from O Fundamento, which brings together European artists and manufacturers.

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Did you know that knitting machines were the first computers? It is simple – the knitting machine translates a picture into pixels and turns them into knitted loops. The challenge, however, is how to bring two totally different kinds of people (and industries) together. The Portuguese-based company found a way to make it happen, bringing together technologists and designers to work on the creation of new products. Once they understood the soul of this engine, they could talk with them and #reprogramthemachines.

Along with two amazing artists, Anna Niestroj, a digital pattern designer based in Berlin, and Graça Paz, a painter from Porto, they developed this textile experiment, united by the spirit of the women of Bauhaus, honouring their avant-garde work in design. Anna and Graça have created three exclusive patterns each, which have been turned into beautiful jacquard knits in the shades of neon, pastel, and B&W. You can have knitted ponchos, scarfs, cushions, and throw blankets with these wonderful designs in the spirit of the Bauhaus.

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One hundred years later, here we are again: female artists hacking the machines, bringing art, and technology together and creating high-quality products proudly made in Europe.

Alongside FNDMT we designed the branding, as well as the elements for the Kickstarter campaign, and we’re more than happy to share that it’s now live!

Image for Kickstarter campaign