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This is Tedium Tide

What to do with boredom — Booklet

Amidst the uncertainty of Coronavirus, boredom and mental wellness are at risk which stem from social isolation and confinement. In a partnership with Dr. Ivandro Monteiro, we’ve designed a booklet that helps with that.

This booklet was created as a tool with games and activities. Even though it is not a clinical or therapeutical tool, it was created with the influence of clinical and research guidelines and Dr. Ivandro’s experience with several clients for dealing with difficult situations and in crisis periods, and it is meant to help deal with boredom, physical social isolation and loneliness.

When we are bored or isolated against our will, loneliness is often the most difficult part of the situation (such as researchers stationed in Antarctica report), and the mind becomes creative and increases worries in order to develop solutions for the confinement we are put in. This said, social isolation and loneliness can be damaging to both our mental and physical health, increasing the vulnerability to stressful events.

This booklet is free for you to download and share with your family and friends.

Please stay safe, hug your family (after you washed your hands), stay positive and choose to see the opportunity amidst all the chaos.