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The Future is Today!
AquaPorto is the biggest event on water and science held in Portugal, organised by the Porto City Council, through Águas do Porto, with the collaboration of municipal companies and services, various management entities and national educational, science and research institutions.
In 2020, and due to the Covid restrictions, the Water Festival took place in a different format than usual — we experimented, learned and had fun in the digital world!
The event unfolded in two parts: Aquaporto Live, a live event through art, sharing, conversations that were dedicated to children, families and schools; and Aquaporto 360, a virtually exploration to the Water Pavilion, where kids and adults were invited to explore the scientific, educational and recreational activities.​​​​​​​
Extending the playful nature of the event into Porto’s streets, we created a graphic solution with a set of several different water drops. Each drop is unique, every surface a new canvas – we blanketed the city with bursts of bright blue, inviting viewers to join what was a now digital festival, but a real experience.
GLOBAL COORDINATION – Rafael Pires (Startup X)
AQUAPORTO LIVE – Armazém Criativo
· Executive Production and Realisation – Tiago Monteiro
· Image Capture (Conversa Economia circular, Água e Energia) – Bruno Ribeiro e Tiago Monteiro
· Video Edition – Bruno Ribeiro
· Graphic Animation, Visual Effects and Post-production – Fábio Barros
AQUAPORTO 360 – Ground Control Studios
· Project Manager / 3D Architecture – Raquel Canelas 
· Producer – Rui Guedes
· Web Development – Teresa Matos
· Computer Graphics – Joana Castro
· Photography and Image Post-Production – Samuel Barbosa
Comunication and Social Media – FES Agency
· Communication Management – Liliana Castro
· Content Production – João Pedro Sousa
· Voice-Off – Márcia Pacheco