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Bring your game, not your name
Big Bull is the new CrossFit gym in Leça da Palmeira, Matosinhos. It’s not your ordinary gym, but instead more of a sports club. It’s about belonging to a community, training with other people and getting those results you want while doing it as a team.
The aim was to design a brand that would convey this spirit of family and team, collective effort, hardness and, above all, personality. This was achieved by designing an identity that would not only live from its logo, but rather unfold into a lifestyle — from different bull’s motives to quirk sentences, that were then applied throughout the gym or other materials such as t-shirts and business cards.
The “rawness” of the logo combined with the playful sentences and motives, made Big Bull have the intended sense of community… Because in a CrossFit box everyone knows your name.