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Opened since May 2018, Boteco Mexicano unites the best of Brazilian and Mexican cuisine, on a trip through South America. The combination of these two countries is denounced by the name itself, but also by the informal decoration of the restaurant: the tables are very close together, there’s walls written in chalk and there’s even a mix of different objects, like images of saints and famous figures of both countries, like the football player Pelé and the artist Frida Kahlo. The spirit of a Boteco (an equivalent to tavern in Brazil) is seen on several details such as the exposed wine cellar full of cachaça and tequila, the latter announced as “soup of the day”. The environment is quite informal, where clients, besides drinking and eating well, can write on the walls or even dance. 
The aim was to reflect the casual and noisy environment and its strong and happy personality. This was achieved by hand-drawing the elements already displayed in the restaurant’s space (Frida Kahlo and Carmen Miranda, for instance, as also as Tequila for Mexico, and Football for Brazil) and use them throughout the brand applications. The menu is a notepad that highlights the difference of both countries, where clients write their own request, once again enhancing the tavern’s spirit.
Several gifts were also designed to be bought by the clients at the end of the meal, such as shot glasses (one for Tequila and the other for Cachaça) or even Sr do Bonfim Bracelets (quite popular in Brazil). At the end of the meal, the customers are surprised with a kind of Jogo do Bicho from Brazil; the client takes a piece out of a bag and if the number of the animal that comes out is on the tab, the client gets a free shot. 
Overall the brand has been crafted with the intent of being both playful but distinct, in a place that brings the best of two countries together, in a playful and vibrant environment.