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MAD Panda is a platform that supports nonprofit organisations that are focused on animal causes. Their plan is simple: all the non profit associations that are interested in getting support, join MAD Panda and list their monthly needs. MAD Panda, in return, eases the connection to its network of brands and retailers that are available to fulfil that same needs. This way, these nonprofit can actually devote their human resources (mostly volunteers) to what really matters — providing care for animals. 

As the name says, MAD Panda is an organisation that is angry about the lack of support these non profit have been getting, and wants to create buzz around these problems. Because of this, we wanted the identity to have an angry tone to it and come across as vindicative. The logo was designed as if it was written with markers, and several elements, such as arrows and underlines, were also designed with this aesthetic, with the purpose of showing their anger and willingness to stick their “paws” for a better world. 

→​​​​​​​ www.madpanda.pt



MAD Panda