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Discussing the upcoming challenges of the city’s technology ecosystem

Last year in October, Casa da Música hosted Smart Capital, an initiative organised by ScaleUp Porto. The event provided corporate innovators, investment fund managers, independent investors and Invicta’s entrepreneurs with an opportunity to discuss the future actions that will help achieve a collective vision for the city’s technology growth.
The day was divided into two moments — an invite-only session with talks from experienced investors and an open session at sunset with drinks and a networking dinner. The initiative was marked by a common idea: Porto’s technological ecosystem “is more alive than ever”.

We were responsible for designing the event’s image, from the venue’s design to merchandising. In order to differentiate the types of events (work vs networking) we created two sets of pins — one for name porposes (differentiating between startups, investor, companies and community) and the other one for networking.

Smart Capital was organised by the Municipality of Porto, through the ScaleUp Porto strategy, with the support of the Porto Design Accelerator program and Axis Innovation.

ScaleUp Porto