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Come and find a new Home
Officially founded in 2018, Tejana Flats was born with a strong desire to make the airbnb experience more intense and enjoyable in Porto. With a total of 5 apartments, each one was designed to recreate the natural home feeling. That, combined with a personalised welcome concept, makes it an experience hard to forget.
We were approached by Tejana to design their Welcome Kit, making sure it would not only stand out from the other airbnb experiences, but also to ensure that this personal warm interaction was endured during the guests’ stay. Each kit was designed having in mind the apartments’ location and whereabouts.
The design should reflect the premium and personalised approach, whilst appearing friendly and casual. To accomplish this, a set of white folders were designed, each one with a Polaroid picture of said apartment, reinforcing the uniqueness of the experience, as well as to encourage sharing on social media.
Inside the folder, besides the apartment rules and the wi-fi passwords, guests could find the city’s emergency contacts as well as a carefully crafted Guide of the best Porto had to offer, whether to eat, drink or sightseeing. To ensure the guest’s experience outside the apartment, a map leaflet was also designed with the locations described on the guide.
Overall this kit was designed with the intent of honouring each guest stay by enhancing it and surprising them with an interactive and warm welcome.