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AssetFloow is a portuguese SaaS startup that helps retailers to understand the behavior of their clients through their movement inside the store, without the use of cameras or sensors. Powered by a sophisticated behavioral AI algorithm, which only uses receipt and product location data as inputs, AssetFloow empowers retailers to enhance operational efficiency and elevate decision-making in crucial areas like product assortment, new product recommendations, and strategic promotions.

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We partnered on a rebrand, from concept to execution across every business asset.
This rebrand was sparked by a simple yet powerful idea — to turn the double O’s in their name in an infinite symbol. This icon embraces their message;where the AI technology seamlessly integrates conventional store heatmaps with an everlasting loop of testing and decision-making. Their most convincing feature, thought, is the fact that this technology does not invade anyone’s privacy: no sensors, no cameras, no devices.
Every asset of the new identity carried this message. The new branding — confident, clear, transparent — embraces an accessible tone of voice. A collection of graphic icons, illustrations and imagery were created with the purpose of illustrating this revolutionary technology.

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App overview

No sensors. No cameras. No devices.

AssetFloow's new logo, tone of voice, and overall identity embody a vision for the future – a future where innovative technology and ethical practices converge to redefine the retail landscape.

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