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Legatu Cardadeiro
Graphic Design

A tribute to a legacy

The story of this wine begins in 1996, when Mario Cardadeiro seeks the 18 heirs of the Reguengo’s farm in order to buy it and build the wine brand as we now know it. 25 years later, his son (and current owner) produced this bottle aiming to honor the men that started Reguengo de Melgaço, and his father.
Thus Legatu Cardadeiro; Legatu (from the Latin, Legacy) referring to the 16th century, when the farm was built; and Cardadeiro, the family that made it all possible.

Wine special packaging edition
Packaging close-up


This label’s design was based on four pillars: telling a story, praising a legacy, paying tribute to the founder, and ultimately, producing a premium experience. This has been incorporated in the label's details — its shape is determined by the farmhouse's stone doors; its vineyards (as seen from above) are represented in the background and are varnish-printed, and lastly, we had to include the founders signature as well.

Wine bottle
Packaging top view

Wine label close-up

Wine label close-up
Top bottle detail

A toast to that!

Overall this special edition set out to do what was expected — sell out while telling and praising a story that was meant to be told (and drank to).

Bottle and packaging view

Botle and packaging
Graphic Design