Paw It Up!

Not for Boring Pets

Paw It Up! is a portuguese pet brand for people who are passionate about their four-legged friends. Born in 2020, this project strives to be a statement into helping pets and their humans living a healthier, happier and functional life through their quality design items. The goal was to reflect the brand’s uniqueness and cheeky attitude into their branding. This was achieved by using a bold, quirky font, in which the exclamation point doubled onto stickers and other brand applications.

Paw It Up! Logo


A set of vibrant colors were used to stand out from the competition and reinforcing their slogan — Paw It Up! is not for boring pets. Besides designing their branding, we were also responsible for translating it into social media, packaging and website.

Paw It Up! Poster Collection

Paw It Up! Slogan
Paw It Up! Collar and Lead

Paw It Up! Tags


While working in close partnership with AV82 studio, we were able to replicate the branding onto their product and lifestyle photography, introducing each dog and collar to the world with all the attitude the brand represents.

Paw It Up! Collar
Paw It Up! Packaging

Paw It Up! Postcard

Paw It Up! Site Mobile
Paw It Up! Business Cards

Paw It Up! Packaging

Paw It Up! Site Tablet

Paw It Up! Site Desktop

You know the outfit's good when it makes you want to strike a pose!


AV82 Studio


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