Building Pictures

Bringing people closer to architecture.

Building Pictures is an architecture film and podcast producer whose aim is to bring people closer to architecture. Their mission is to create a better world, one film and podcast at a time. After nine years of this mission, and with a clearer vision of the impact they aim to have in the world, a rebranding was in need.

Logo on orange background
Logo on grey background


Taking their logo as a starting point, we wanted to ensure that it was able to fully communicate what Building Pictures is all about. The icon represents perspective, focus, and camera shooting. At the same time, the icon is also a curved parenthesis - which also translates into their podcast and its communication. Therefore, the logo communicated this question of architecture, films, podcast, and communication.

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Changing the world, one film and podcast at a time.

Besides designing their identity, we were also responsible for unfolding it into social media, animations and website.

Video stills

Business cards

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Building Pictures website
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